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Function developer - Map and image of surroundings

den 24 januari 2017
den 31 januari 2017
Are you a motivated and responsible engineer with an interest in vehicles and proprietary control systems? Do you enjoy working with a cross-functional approach involving both breadth and depth? Then a job as a function developer for Vehicle Management Controls may be something for you! The group
The group consists of 11 engineers, two consultants and a group manager. The group’s primary responsibility lies in function development and functionality requirement setting for the Coordinator (COO) control system. The Coordinator is the central node in our vehicles’ electrical system and contains a large number of functions with varying tasks and complexity. The major functions of the Coordinator include Scania Driver Support (interactive driver training) and stop/start functionality for hybrid vehicles. Future challenges lie within areas such as driver training functions, electrical control and the development of the future map data platform.
Your duties
Many of tomorrow’s advanced autonomous functions require a better map and image of surroundings than we currently possess, and in the long term we will pave the way for an image of surroundings that is so good that we can drive vehicles without drivers! You will be part of a team working on our current and future driver support functions. Together with a colleague, you will focus on what information our functions need, how it will be stored and whether we should purchase the information or alternatively gather it ourselves with the help of vehicle sensors. Your work will involve everything from the solutions we have in production today to the latest research on the topic. As the entire group can see the value of a better map and image of surroundings, there are several areas that we work on, and will work on, with our colleagues in Germany.
For some of our functions, we are also working to implement the parts that execute in the Coordinator. The software is written in C or Simulink, but depending on your profile, you may also become familiar with other control systems, where we work with C++ for example.
Your profile
We expect you to be a graduate engineer or equivalent with several years’ experience in systems development. As a person you will be organised, motivated and assume significant responsibility. You will be an experienced user of Matlab and will have an interest in software development. A truck driving licence would be an advantage.
You must have good knowledge of Swedish and English for this position.
For more information
Contact Andreas Johansson +46 (0)8-553 521 43
Your application should include a CV, cover letter and copies of any certificates