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den 22 augusti 2017
den 20 september 2017
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Would you like to contribute to and be tangibly involved with Scania’s continued success and increasing turnover? Are you looking for a workplace with an open climate, where you can influence your work situation and where the operations and IT work together arm in arm to fulfil the vision that will take us to the 2020 objectives, and beyond? Welcome to Sales IT, a global organisation tasked with providing the right system support to simplify, streamline and refine the core processes for offering and ordering Scania’s products and services.

IT is your profession and something you are passionate about. At the same time, you are interested in and value the big picture, where your technical competence comes into its own, helping to streamline and solve complex problems for Scania’s sellers and marketing department. 

You are committed and productive, and you like the creative discussions that you have in the team – both to understand current needs and solutions but also in relation to how you as a group can continuously improve yourselves and your work. SCRUM is the obvious framework for you, and you will hold Agile values close to your heart. We strive for self-organising teams, something we expect you will appreciate and actively work to achieve.

We currently work with Microsoft/.Net’s technology stack in combination with modern web-based front-end frameworks and Open Source products. You should therefore have good experience within these areas and be continuously working to keep up with technical development. Experience of AWS and Continuous Delivery development would be a significant advantage.

If you would like to talk to one of our employees to find out more about working here, feel free to call Mattis Kvarnström +46 (0)70 081 00 77

Does the profile above describe you? Send us your CV, and we’ll do lunch – we’re paying. Margareta Sjöbom +46 (0)70-081 05 94 and Rebecca Dahlin +46 (0)70-081 59 70

The application shall contain CV, personal letter and certificates.

Please apply through in order for us to get correct information. In case of problems during applying at, send Your application to
Important! Refer to Scania Job Id 20173504 in the headline and enclose Your CV, personal letter and relevant copies of grades (only in word or pdf-format). We also need Your full name, address, e-mail and cell phone no in order to register Your application. We will not manage incomplete mail applications.

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