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30 credits – Evaluation of “Serverless” Application Programming Models

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den 25 september 2017
den 1 november 2017
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Thesis project at Scania IT is an excellent way of making contacts for your future working life. Many of our current employees started their career with a thesis project.
This assignment also provides valuable experiences with using cloud and with the latest application programming model “Serverless Computing”.

A very interesting trend in application development, in particular for the cloud, is “Serverless Computing” where program code is deployed without a dedicated server. Instead the code is assigned a server and loaded by the cloud infrastructure when some specific event occurs and then unloaded afterwards.
This model is interesting both because it provides a new architecture that potentially can simplify some types of systems and also because it can provide economic benefits for rarely used services (that mostly would result in idle time on a dedicated server).

Evaluate the advantages and challenges of the “serverless” model in general and exemplified by AWS Lambda.

Study and describe the advantages and challenges from a software engineering, development productivity (both design, coding, testing and debugging), performance, scalability, security and cost perspectives.
The theoretical evaluation of the model should be complemented by a practical test where an suitable existing application or service fully or partially is re-implemented using AWS Lambda.

The project is suitable for one Master Level students with specialisation towards Computer Science, Software Architecture & Development etc. Courses related to creation of high performance and linearly scalable application and/or cloud computing is an advantage.
Good programming skills in Java and some experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or some other public cloud is an advantage.
Start date: Q1 2017
Estimated time needed: 20 weeks
Contact persons and supervisors
Bei Qiu, Group Manager,, 0700-827-669

Your application should contain a covering letter, CV and transcripts.
Selections will be made throughout the application period.

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