Industrial PhD Positions in Data Science

Borås (Kommun), Västra Götaland
den 8 maj 2018
den 8 juni 2018

Job description

Would you like to kick-start your career by being a part of how artificial intelligence shapes the future while pursuing a PhD? The Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing (INSiDR) is looking for seven (7) highly motivated PhD candidates who want to develop cutting-edge machine learning solutions in digital retailing.

The Industrial Graduate School in Digital Retailing (INSiDR) is a Graduate School with the purpose to provide Swedish companies in the retail industry with knowledge and competences to enhance their competitiveness in a market where digitalization has a profound impact. The project is a collaboration between University of Borås and Jönköping University, co-funded by the Knowledge Foundation.

During the five years of PhD education, you will spend 80% of your working time on dissertation work, with main placement at a company and academic activities taking place at either University of Borås or Jönköping University.

Desired skills and experience

The core formal qualifications needed for the position are to fulfil the requirements for admission to doctoral studies in informatics at Jönköping International Business School. These requirements include passed examination at advanced (masters/second) level and fulfilled course requirements of at least 240 credit points (ECTS credits), 60 of which should be at advanced level, or equivalent competences acquired in some other way within or outside of Sweden. For more details, see

All positions require an educational background in informatics, computer science or a related subject. In addition, successful candidates will have good programming skills, preferably experience of programming languages aimed for machine learning, as well as an interest in contributing to business development and real-world problem solving, in addition to developing new knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

About the employer

Each PhD project is developed together with companies situated in the South of Sweden (Borås or Jönköping) and as an industrial graduate student in INSiDR you will either be employed by one of the partner companies or as a PhD student at University of Borås. In addition, you will be admitted to the PhD study programme in Informatics at Jönköping University.

The industrial partners that are now looking for new employees, who want to pursue this exciting career opportunity, are: Ellos Group, Eton, HallMedia, Kvdbil, Smartster, Sparbanken Sjuhärad (employment at University of Borås), and Viskan System.

In addition, Pulsen Retail has an open position for a PhD project in business administration within INSiDR.

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